The Ultimate Weather Blanket
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How We Got Started

I am a Minnesota mom...and I have attended a LOT of my boys' sporting events over the years. And as we all know, the Midwest can bring snow as early as October, and it can stay as late as May. I was tired of having to try and grip a soggy blanket OVER my warm clothing in an attempt to better protect myself from the cold, wind and moisture. I also needed an extra hand to hold my warm coffee or my camera, so going to games wasn't always fun. And I knew I wasn't alone.

After searching unsuccessfully online, I decided to create a blanket that could hang hands-free...protect me from the elements...and look sporty and cool enough to represent our school in style. I made it in popular colors and added logos so that everyone would want one.

Wearing it is a breeze! Slip your hands in the corner hand warmers and "wrap" yourself up. Zip the top and the wrap hangs on your shoulders. Zip the bottom to protect your legs when sitting. Since umbrellas aren't typically welcome in the stands, I rounded it off with an adjustable hood for the rain and wind...and suddenly games outside weren't so bad. The other moms recognized just how great the wrap performed, and a business was born!

I have grown my business, and I now also sell wholesale to sports shops and printers well beyond the Midwest. Fans and players alike can look super cool, all while staying warm and dry. Our hope is that you will too!